Video is king when it comes to digital content, but why outsource when you can learn to do it yourself?


What You Will Learn
- The power of storytelling
- Different styles of video that will sell your business and make people want to share your content 
- Step by step planning to create an engaging video story
- Video production overview – the who, the what, the why… and some film grammar
- How to produce high-quality professional video content with the best camera techniques: positioning and framing, lighting (natural and artificial) shot by shot sequencing, lighting and sound, technical considerations and the low-cost equipment required for a professional finish
- Camera presentation and interviewing techniques, the psychology of interviewing and making your subject comfortable
- Time-saving editing apps on your phone both FREE and paid
- Editing 101: trimming, editing techniques, music selection, video and audio post-production basics
- Top tips from the professionals
- Inspiration – the fear factor is taken away and ideas can now flourish
- We finish with a Q&A to ensure you start your journey as a videographer having all your questions answered

Who Is It For?

- Communications staff in corporate or government organisations who are responsible for content creation
- Staff who have been tasked to be the media hero and need to up-skill themselves
- Entrepreneurs, small business owners and NGOs who don't know where to start or what equipment they need
- Photographers who want to harness the power of video
- Avid video takers who need help putting the hours of recorded holiday and adventure footage they have recorded into a great visual story


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