What is Media Training?
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Media training is one of the most important steps in building a profile and protecting your reputation.
The media is a powerful tool. Used effectively, it can:

  • Deliver your message to a much wider audience
  • Influence public opinion and government policy
  • Change community behaviour
  • Give you the edge over competitors by building trust and brand awareness

Media training helps key spokespeople by:

  • Improving message development and finding the ‘news value’ in what you have to say
  • Preparing you to handle tough questions from journalists
  • Mastering body language and vocal techniques to ensure your interview has impact
  • Building confidence and overcoming fears associated with the media

Investing in media training with a highly experienced journalist and communications professional Kirsty Nancarrow equips participants with the skills and confidence to navigate pre-recorded and live interviews, press conferences, and other media interactions.

Kirsty from Emotion Video Training and Production leading a media training course
Ranger participating in an Emotion Video Training and Production media training course in Far North Queensland

Gain media insights from one of Australia’s most highly sought-after trainers

Kirsty Nancarrow is an award-winning former ABC journalist who covered many of the nation’s top stories. During her 30-year media career, Kirsty has also been a Senior Communications Advisor in Australia and the UK across a wide range of sectors including education, health, government, and First Nations.

The eMotion Video Training & Production Co-Director is a highly respected media trainer sought after by organisations and individuals looking to increase their profile and audience engagement and protect against reputational risk. Kirsty’s clients include the Northern Territory and Queensland Government, politicians, key representative bodies, First Nations organisations, health and disability services.

Kirsty has a passion for empowering people to share their stories. While she’s not afraid to ask the tough questions to prepare clients to handle a media crisis, Kirsty’s media training approach is one of support and empowerment, rather than intimidation. Her clients succeed by:

  • Having an in-depth understanding of how the media works
  • Knowing how to deliver the right message at the right time
  • Being prepared with position statements to handle any crisis or story opportunity
  • Having the skills to deliver their message with confidence and keep control of the interview

“Before now, I always saw media engagement as something to endure and react to, rather than an opportunity to promote our work or as an educative tool for our clients. Thank you Kirsty, for making me feel more confident when dealing with the media.”

Media Training graduate, Northern Territory Government

Whether you need help honing your message, preparing for a media crisis, or refining your presentation skills, our media training courses can equip you to communicate effectively.

We offer flexible delivery in-person or online anywhere in Australia, with group and individual coaching available.

Gain the competitive edge, reach new audiences and be prepared for any media engagement. Get in touch for an obligation-free consultation about your communication goals or view our media and presentation courses and workshops here.


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