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Video is the #1 way to reach your audience and convert your customers.

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Our popular 1 & 2-day videography courses are delivered face to face ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA or online. Make your own shareable videos the same day! Book a private group session or join a public workshop.



You KNOW you need to be making videos but you may be thinking:

“I don’t have the time, I don’t know what to say, I don’t want to look silly on camera or I don’t have the right equipment.”


Good News!

With easy to follow, practical training, you’ll learn how easy it is to make high-quality content using the camera you’re always carrying – your smartphone!

Client using mobile phone in videography course

What you’ll learn:

Video styles to engage your audience and make people want to share your content.

How to set up your smartphone to produce high-quality video content.

Edit video like a pro, using captions, music and transitions.

On-camera presentation and interviewing techniques, and how to calm your nerves.

How to put together a low-cost, compact production kit for a professional finish.

Insider tips from broadcast industry professionals.

Camera angles, lighting and sound, filming sequences and technical considerations.

How to master filmmaking with time-saving free and paid editing apps.

Step-by-step planning to create your video story.

eMotion Videography course demonstrating training with mobile phones
eMotion clients on video workshops course
Suzie Cray demonstrating mobile phone video workshop techniques to students
Indigenous health services engaged in videography course in Cairns
Cassowary Coast Regional Council Smartphone Video Workshop

Who is this videography course for?

Staff in corporate, government or community organisations who have been tasked with content creation and marketing.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners wanting to keep costs down and grow through video.

Photographers who want to harness the power of video but need some training.

Enthusiasts wanting to create a great visual story with holiday, adventure and family footage and photos.

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Kirsty Nancarrow and Suzie Cray are seasoned broadcast specialists who are making it their mission to educate budding videographers and business owners in all things video creation.