The Power Of Video: Uplifting Indigenous Rangers Through Storytelling Workshops
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Attention, Ranger Community! Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will amplify your voice, showcase your work, and revolutionise the way you document your work on country? Look no further than eMotion Video Training & Production, an innovative smartphone video training company that empowers rangers across Australia to become skilled video storytellers.

eMotion Video Training & Production understands the transformative potential of video and seeks to equip rangers with the skills and tools necessary to harness its persuasive power. Through immersive workshops, rangers are taught the art of cinematography, editing techniques, and the ability to tell their own stories authentically, in their own words.

2022 Central Land Council Smartphone Video Workshop

Over the past few years, eMotion Video Training & Production, in collaboration with the Central Land Council, has delivered a groundbreaking series of workshops leaving a lasting impact on the Northern Territory ranger community. A perfect example is the below promotional video, created by two of CLC’s exceptional female rangers— Bronwen Cavanagh from the Ltyentye Apurte Rangers and Kitana Shaw from the Aputula Rangers.

Their awe-inspiring talent and dedication to succeed resulted in an educational and fun video to attract more women rangers.

2023 Central Land Council Ranger Camp

eMotion Video Training & Production recognises Indigenous rangers are the custodians of cultural heritage, protectors of biodiversity, and champions of sustainable land management. By becoming adept at visual storytelling, rangers will amplify their voices, advocate for their communities, and inspire positive change on a larger scale.

indigenous ranger camp Ross River Resort

In April 2023, eMotion Video Training & Production returned to the Northern Territory, this time against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Eastern Arrernte country at Ross River Resort.

This Ranger Camp was a meeting ground for over 200 rangers, trainers and Central Land Council staff. The massive undertaking was led by Billie Scott, CLC’s Coordinator Ranger for Training and Development, and Jack Nugent, the Ranger Workforce Development Officer.

Smart Tablet Video Workshop

Under a marquee in the morning and air-con in the afternoon, around 40 dedicated rangers hailing from 14 different ranger groups throughout the Northern Territory took part in a Smart Tablet Video Workshop. The engaged participants eagerly absorbed the techniques of video production, such as the importance of emotion and overlay in a story, how to present on camera, sound and lighting, the rule of thirds, and more.

Video Editing on CapCut

By mid-afternoon, the Indigenous rangers entered the cool haven of air-conditioning to learn video editing.

With expert guidance from 30-year editing veteran, Suzie Cray they learned how to piece together the videos they had captured earlier in the day. Enthusiastically, they discovered the power of transitions, overlay, music selection and many more video editing tricks.

Background removal, templates text and noise removal are becoming the most popular AI video editing advancements everyone loves with the CapCut video editing application.

Close up of CapCut video editor

A Complete Celebration of Indigenous Ranger Training

Beyond the technicalities of video production, the Central Land Council’s 2023 Ranger Camp was a celebration of community and the preservation of cultural heritage. Throughout the three-day event, rangers were immersed in a tapestry of workshops, ranging from first aid, and 4WD training to tracking, snake handling, and using land assessment software. These diverse activities showcased the immense depth and breadth of skills that rangers need to protect native animals, manage fires, mitigate erosion, and conserve threatened species.

A Feast for the Senses

Nourishing both body and soul, the 2023 Ranger Camp catered to the needs of its 200 attendees with exceptional meals that left taste buds dancing in delight. The efficient delivery of these culinary wonders resembled a well-oiled machine, ensuring that all mouths were fed, energised, and ready to embrace the challenges of the day.

Celebrating Excellence – Ranger Awards Ceremony

The Ranger Camp was not solely dedicated to training and workshops; it was also an occasion to honour exceptional contributions and achievements. The Ranger Awards Ceremony brought moments of pride and recognition, shining a spotlight on the remarkable individuals who exemplify the dedication and commitment of the ranger community. Many media companies attended to capture the annual event with Jack Nugent staring in the Indigenous Community TV news package, forever immortalising this special gathering.

Video filmed and edited by ICTV Community News.

The Ranger Camp was not just a training event; it was an emblem of the ranger spirit, a testament to the vital role rangers play in preserving cultural heritage, protecting biodiversity, and inspiring future generations. With eMotion Video Training & Production leading the way, rangers are poised to become the storytellers of their own journey, amplifying their voices, and shaping a brighter future for all.

Remember, the power of video storytelling lies in your hands. Together, let us unleash the collective strength of our stories and create a brighter future for our land, our communities, and our shared heritage.

FINAL WORDS: Sharing Knowledge, Inspiring the Future

eMotion Video Training & Production is dedicated to reaching as many rangers as possible and spreading the power of storytelling throughout Australia’s ranger community. By nurturing a network of skilled video storytellers, this initiative fosters the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices, ultimately strengthening the collective impact of rangers across the nation.

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