Empowering Liverpool City Council with a Smartphone Video Production Workshop
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In an exciting news update, the team at eMotion Video Training & Production, recently conducted a one-day training workshop for the communications department of Liverpool City Council. Held in Sydney, our workshop aimed to upskill participants in smartphone video production, helping them create engaging content for everything to do with the Liverpool City Council’s social media platforms, website, and YouTube Channel. Let’s dive into the details of this highly successful training session, which brought together seasoned Sydney media professionals, enthusiastic learners, and our experienced trainers.

Liverpool City Council’s Journey in Video Production:

As part of their commitment to effective communication strategies, Liverpool City Council recognised the power of video content in engaging their audience. To equip their communications department with the necessary skills, they eagerly participated in our video course, a smartphone filming masterclass designed to enhance their videomaking capabilities.

Iconic Venue: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre:

The workshop took place at the iconic Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, renowned for its striking industrial architecture and dedication to promoting arts and culture. This vibrant venue provided the perfect backdrop for our intensive filmmaking course, blending creativity and innovation. With its cool industrial aesthetics, participants found inspiration in the unique atmosphere of the centre.

A Delicious Break at the Bellbird Restaurant:

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to indulge in a delectable lunch at the renowned Bellbird Restaurant, nestled within the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. This culinary delight offered a refreshing break, fostering a relaxed and conducive atmosphere for networking and sharing ideas. The divine lunch complemented the day’s immersive learning experience.

Supporting a Diverse Cohort:

Our cohort comprised individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency, including two mature and experienced media professionals who expressed their reservations about using smartphones for video production. Ray Chesterton, a long-time sports writer and now a communications officer, candidly acknowledged his apprehension. However, our patient and supportive approach allowed participants like Ray to overcome their initial hesitations.

At the end of the training day, Ray Chesterton took a moment to send us a private email, expressing his gratitude and acknowledging our exceptional dedication. In his email, Ray wrote, “Thank you both for the time and patience you showed in enlightening us all, even the slower functioning among us like me.” This email served as a testament to our effectiveness in creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment, allowing participants to gain confidence and develop their skills throughout the workshop.

Transformative Learning Experience:

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in interactive discussions, practical exercises, and visual presentations, facilitated by our experienced trainers. The comprehensive curriculum covered essential aspects of video production, including efficient phone camera setup, filming techniques, technical considerations, and editing using free/low-cost apps. The workshop emphasised hands-on learning, ensuring participants could immediately apply their newfound skills.

Success Stories and Testimonials:

The workshop witnessed remarkable transformations as participants, including Communications Lead Lance Northey, gained confidence and expertise in smartphone video production. Their newfound skills enabled them to create compelling and engaging content for various social media platforms. Participants were particularly thrilled with the hands-on nature of the workshop and the personalised guidance provided by our trainers.

Looking Ahead:

Our trip to Sydney for the Liverpool City Council training workshop marked a resounding success. Our passion for empowering individuals to create professional-looking videos using smartphones shone through, and participants left the workshop feeling inspired and capable. The valuable knowledge gained in the session will undoubtedly contribute to the council’s communication efforts, enabling them to engage their audience effectively through compelling video content.

With our team’s roots in Sydney, the workshop carried a sense of homecoming and dedication. Participants, including experienced media professionals, embraced the opportunity to enhance their smartphone video production skills. Ray Chesterton’s heartfelt email showcased our exceptional support and the transformative experience participants had throughout the day.

As we continue our journey, we express our hopes for future collaborations with the Liverpool City Council and other Sydney based councils and organisations. Our dedication to sharing our expertise and fostering the growth of video production skills remains unwavering. With each workshop, we strive to make a lasting impact, transforming individuals’ ability to create remarkable videos that resonate with their audience.

For more information about our workshops, please visit our website at www.emotionvideo.com.au or contact us at 0413 301 079 or info@emotionvideo.com.au.

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