5 Explosive AI Trends Reshaping Your Video Content in 2024
ChatGPT for video

Welcome to 2024, a landmark year where artificial intelligence is not just evolving technology, but revolutionising the way we create and consume video. This year’s top five AI trends are particularly transformative for the world of video production and storytelling. With the advent of AI-generated videos, we’re witnessing a significant shift in how content is crafted, offering unparalleled creativity and efficiency. Coupled with the growing necessity for AI skills in the digital media landscape, these advancements are redefining the rules of video creation. Delve into how these AI breakthroughs are setting the stage for a new era in video communication and storytelling.


1. AI-Generated Video: Unleashing a New Creative Revolution.

2024 marks the dawn of a groundbreaking era where AI-generated videos transform from playful experiments to profound, lifelike masterpieces. This exciting advancement, showcased by pioneers like Pika 1.0, promises to ignite your imagination, allowing you to craft mesmerising video content with a few keystrokes. As predicted by visionaries like OpenAI’s Andrej Karpathy, this year is set to witness a seismic shift in video AI, mirroring the extraordinary evolutions in text and image AI.


2. AI Mastery: Your Ticket to Unstoppable Career Success

In a world where AI is rapidly reshaping the job landscape, mastering AI is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. As Morgan Stanley highlights, a staggering 40% of jobs will soon be AI-influenced. The hunger for AI-savvy professionals is at an all-time high, with 75% of employers in an Amazon survey struggling to find AI talent. By 2024, Research firm Forrester predicts 60% of workers will wield AI as their secret weapon at work. Now is the time to supercharge your career by embracing AI – the skill that’s becoming as indispensable as Excel in today’s corporate arena.


3. AI and Smartphones: Unveiling a World of Limitless Possibilities

AI is breaking free from the chains of desktops and browsers, thanks to pioneering models like Google’s Gemini Nano. This year, prepare to witness AI’s leap into smartphones, unlocking a universe of new, exhilarating AI-driven functionalities. This technological marvel is not just an upgrade—it’s a revolution in the palm of your hand, redefining what’s possible on the go.


4. The Rise of Smarter, Sleeker, Multimodal AI Models

2024 is the year when AI models like OpenAI’s GPT series evolve from mere text interpreters to versatile, multimodal maestros. This shift heralds a new epoch of intuitive, accessible, and affordable AI solutions. The spectrum ranges from elite models like GPT-4 and Gemini to more specialised, cost-effective wonders like Microsoft’s PHI-2 and Mistral 7B, each designed to revolutionise specific facets of technology and business.

5. Brace Yourself: A Year of Unprecedented AI Drama and Discovery

Last year’s breathtaking AI advancements were accompanied by a whirlwind of controversies and legal dramas. This year, strap in for an even more electrifying journey. Watch as OpenAI’s board takes its final shape, Google’s Gemini Ultra stirs the pot of AI competition, and Apple potentially drops a bombshell in the AI arena. The transformation of AI’s foundational architecture and the outcomes of pivotal court cases are set to either turbocharge or temper the pace of AI progress.


At eMotion Video, we’re excited to navigate these electrifying trends, integrating cutting-edge AI into our video training and production. We’re here to empower you to harness these revolutionary technologies for storytelling that’s not just compelling, but transformative.

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